Sustainability. It’s the buzzword of 2018, yet many buzzwords are yet to have casualties much like sustainability has had on the fashion industry. And rightly so.

And while the industry scrambles to ‘become greener’ and revise practices and processes that have left our planet in a state of polluted waste, there are a new generation of designers that are ahead, waking up to the alternatives and sparking a style revolution that has the big guys left in the dust.


The US based brand is leading the way in bringing fashionable items to women’s wardrobes, minus the negative impact. The brand considers the full picture, from the environmental impact of the materials, to the conditions and standards of their factories, to the inner operations of the business. Using fabrics that are biodegradable, made from recycled fibres or from dead stock, and working with non-virgin materials which allows them to cut back on the energy and resources needed to make new clothes – SVILU has it covered.


Full disclosure is hard to find in an industry that operates on secrecy. But Melbourne based A.BCH has nothing to hide, every thread, every fibre, every button is accounted for. Use of organic, natural and recycled materials is paramount for the label that works tirelessly to ensure that every step of the journey is as thoughtful and sustainable as possible.


Realising a gap in the market for stylish yet sustainable footwear, Rothy’s founders Stephen and Roth created a comfortable and versatile shoe that women can feel good about wearing. Not compromising on style, Rothy’s shoes (the upper part) are made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles. The insoles of the shoe are made from other recycled shoes, while the rubber sole doesn’t contain any black carbon (found in most shoe soles). The brand is quite simply genius!

Images courtesy of Svilu | A.BCH | Rothy’s