The who’s who of the fashion world have descended on the picturesque city of Copenhagen for the first of the Autumn/Winter ‘19 fashion weeks.

There has been an increased hype around CPHFW, with newly appointed CEO and former Communications Director of Fashion Agenda, Cecilie Thorsmark at the helm of the biannual fashion week.

Image via Vogue

The four-day event has a new look and feel though, with Thorsmark taking a lead in showcasing designers and brands that are leading in sustainable manufacturing.

“I believe the week has even greater potential, which is why I plan to work, for example, to reinforce Copenhagen Fashion Week’s sustainability profile and to create an international platform with Scandinavian fashion as its driving force.” – Fashion United

Kicking off fashion week proceedings was British ethical luxury label, Mother of Pearl. The label showcased it’s No Frills line, a collection dedicated to sustainability, fully traceable, trans-seasonal womenswear range which was first launched in 2017.

Images via Mother of Pearl

Telling Fashion Network, “as a trendsetting fashion week, we need to help make sustainability attractive. We have a voice and an ethical obligation to use it,” commented Thorsmark. “I believe that it’s our duty as a leading player in the fashion ecosystem to take a thorough look at how Copenhagen Fashion Week can serve to benefit the fashion industry’s sustainability agenda to the greatest extent possible.”