Image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar UK.

Yikes. Christmas is only seven days away, and if you’re anything like us, your mind has just started to turn to that last minute festive shopping – whether it be gifts for friends and family, or yourself.

This time of year is extremely noisy when it comes to retail. Since the start of the month, Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, to countless online deals promising 20 – 30 per cent off, retailers throw sale after sale at us to get us to consume, consume, consume. Social media feeds get inundated with shopping memes, phones ping with push notifications from retailers, and email inboxes get flooded with “limited” sales.

We get it, everyone loves a bargain. December sees a huge upswing in retail and it’s the period of year that sets businesses up for the next financial year. But what is all this good for? More material possessions feed the idea that we need “stuff” to be happy.

Buying better doesn’t necessarily mean buying extra, which is what retailers want you to think. We’re not saying don’t shop. What we’re saying is that it’s important to strive for balance, while trying to be more conscious consumers.

Before you hit (or click) the shops this weekend and next week for the sales peak, here are a few helpful tips to get you in a mindful mindset.


Facebook marketplace is life. Brimming with good buys, the platform houses everything under the sun; from clothes and beauty, to plants and homewares. The bargains are next level. We’ve picked up designer pieces for a steal, as well as furniture, and unused, unopened gifts. The best way to use it, is search for a brand or style that you like. Thrift shopping is also a good way to buy. Whether it be Vinnies, the Salvos, or the beautifully curated Swop and Sell in Enmore, NSW – it’s a fun way to pick up unique gifts.


Looking for a new outfit for a festive occasion? Before you buy ask yourself – Is it your style? Will you wear it more than once, with MULTIPLE outfits? Is it a trend that will date?

If you answer positively to these three questions then chances are you’re going for a timeless piece that speaks to you. 


Don’t be swept up in a buying frenzy just because there is a sale on. It’s tempting. The whole premise of a sale is to get you to consider buying something that you never really considered due to low pricing. The things we buy during sales periods is usually stuff we don’t need, so to avoid it being donated to Vinnies the following year, deliberate the purchase for a couple of days. If it sells out, it sells out – you’ve saved money. If it doesn’t and you’re still thinking of it, then treat yourself but ONLY if you really need it.


The truth is, quality product will last longer. Clothing is no exception. Most quality pieces will last longer than most fast fashion pieces so sometimes investing an extra $100 means you are getting more in the long run. You’re not going to wind up with something that you will need to replace in a few short months, which cuts down on clothes wastage.


Last but not least, always take the time to research the brand you are buying from. Why? Because you don’t want to be unknowingly supporting unethical practices. If you buy from a business or brand that pays fair wages, supports women, and the environment you’re also investing in a better world for all of us. To us, that is money always well spent.